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ds106 Mashup

6 Apr

I have chosen This assignment.
Instruction says that: “Take any 2 (or more) creations from any category of assignment that another student has posted and mash them up into something new an original. Hopefully most of what we’re creating here is CC-licensed for remixing but check first before spending hours on your masterpiece.

So, I chose this picture

from this page by kkm32.

and this picture

from this page by Ingenuous Dynamics.

finally I made it.

Reason why I made this picture is I think this shows one of the future of the internet. Now, you can download pictures, books, music, movies and so on. you don’t have to go book store, CD shop, movie theater. You can get every information on your computer, you don’t even have to go outside. Your life will be comfortable more than now. However, sometimes its illegal. And if everyone will download everything (illegally), publisher could not get money and they will go out of business and culture die off.

Therefore, when I made this picture, I thought the future of the internet and I would like you guys to think about it.