Finam Exam Practical Activity

Letter to IBE

Old computers

For those who may concern it.
Thank you for reading this letter, I am the student of CIS 0835 spring 2012. I would like to state my opinion to IBE about CIS 0835 because CIS is necessary for students.

Internet is becoming popular however, people do not know how it is important. most of the people only look at the beneficial points of the internet. Actually, internet is useful, and many people have been using the internet as a beneficial tool. Collage too. Students must to use the internet because nowadays, the information, syllabus and homework are given on the internet. Therefore, as long as students have been learning as a college students, they can not ignore using the internet in their life. However, if students do not know about the internet very well, what would happen? As long as collage have been using internet as a basic tool to give an information to students, students must to learn about the internet as soon as possible, otherwise they will get a problem. CIS can help students before they get a problem. In this class, they can learn how to use the internet and the risk of the internet. By learning about those skills and acknowledge, students could avoid getting trouble of using the internet.

Also, by taking this class, students can be more creative than before because in this class, students try to show their thinking and imagination by doing DS106 which is the wed assignments for students. this is very challenging assignments and this makes students more creativity. For the future students must to show and use their imagination in their workplace. those activity which students experience in this class is really necessary for the future.

Therefore, students need CIS and I would like IBE to think about continuing CIS 0835.
Again, thank you very much for taking the time for reading.

photo is taking by eurleif

CClicenced flickr


One Response to “Finam Exam Practical Activity”

  1. lockmantuj April 16, 2012 at 2:56 am #

    Well said Ren, thanks.

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