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Extra works2 new assignment

9 Apr

I made a new assignment as my extra credit works.
Introduction is here.

first, I have to apologize about the size of picture.
I think you can not see the instruction. Please drag it when you want to see the introduction.If anyone knows how to fix it, let me know.

Just in case, I typed “take 2 pictures from same angle, but make it little bit different.
And compare those 2 pictures and let’s find the error!
I took pictures of calligraphy ink as an example, and the place of No,30 and 31 is different.

so I made

I took 2 pictures on my phone and add ‘A’ and ‘B’ at Gimp2.


ds106 Mashup

6 Apr

I have chosen This assignment.
Instruction says that: “Take any 2 (or more) creations from any category of assignment that another student has posted and mash them up into something new an original. Hopefully most of what we’re creating here is CC-licensed for remixing but check first before spending hours on your masterpiece.

So, I chose this picture

from this page by kkm32.

and this picture

from this page by Ingenuous Dynamics.

finally I made it.

Reason why I made this picture is I think this shows one of the future of the internet. Now, you can download pictures, books, music, movies and so on. you don’t have to go book store, CD shop, movie theater. You can get every information on your computer, you don’t even have to go outside. Your life will be comfortable more than now. However, sometimes its illegal. And if everyone will download everything (illegally), publisher could not get money and they will go out of business and culture die off.

Therefore, when I made this picture, I thought the future of the internet and I would like you guys to think about it.

Google Maps Story

15 Mar

This is the assignment taken from Web assignment.

Instruction says: “Use Google Maps to tell a story! It can be the story of a trip you took, a trip you would like to take, a strange occurrence, a war, anything you like! The only rules are that you have to use Google Maps proper in order to tell your story, and post it here. For a much fancier version that predates mine, see:”

ok, I would like to introduce around ‘Minatomirai(みなとみらい)’ area as a Google Maps Story.

I live in Yokohama and Minatomirai locates close to my house, so I walk around there when I have a free time .

You can see 3 red points in this picture. I am going to show pictures which was taken around this points.

point 1
there is a ‘Onsen(Japanese bath)’ at point 1, this is one of my favorite place because you can see Ferris wheel from bath room. here is the wed site.

This is really cool.

Point 2
There is a shopping mole, ‘TOC みなとみらい‘ at point 2. this building has been built in 2010.
And 6F and 7F are the area of restaurants and a view from restaurants is beautiful.

Point 3
There is a another shopping mole, called YOKOHAMA”WORLD PORTERS” before TOC has been built, I used to go there.

reason why I have chosen this assignment is as I mentioned, Minatomirai is my neighborhood, so I hope you will be interested in Minatomirai area!!

by the way, I did not know how to do Print Screen.
I am using Google Chrome and finally I found out ‘awesome screen shot’ (Web site.) this is available for firefox and safari too.
so, I used this. This is really easy to do screen caption.

Wait, where’d that guy come from?

15 Mar

Wait, where’d that guy come from?, I have chosen this assignment from Design Assignment.

Instruction says : Photoshop someone(s) (or something(s)) into a picture that isn’t supposed to be there. Here’s the original inspiration for the project:

I really love ‘Shaun of the Dead’ and when I see this assignments, this idea came up first, so I made it.

I Just rememberthis video.


those are the original pictures.

taken from google search.
those looks similar.

I used Gimp2, I cut off the unnecessary area of Michael Jackson’s picture and paste it on the picture of Shaun of the dead. and that’s all!!

Splash The Color

15 Mar

I decided to do “Splash The Color” from Visual Assignment.

Instruction says: “Color splash is a technique to emphasize details- you remove all color from a photo, and then restore original color to a single object, e.g. a green apple on a table. Think of the Girl in the red dress from Schindler’s List.

You can do this in a number of ways with photo editing software or using mobile apps. The answer lies in the Google”

so, at first I took

This is carnation.
By the way,I am working at flower shop and carnation is one of my favorite flower, and that’s why I have chosen carnation.

second, I have been using ‘color Touch’. this is a free software, you can download it from android market.
Edit this picture like


when I took a first picture, it reminds me Japanese flag, so I put a color at center of the picture.

DS106, The Movie

21 Feb

Instruction:”Take a movie poster and change it to depict a movie about DS106. It’s sort of like the DS106 propaganda poster, but this time, it’s DS106, the movie!!”

I chose Rocky’s poster.↓

I used GIMP2 to change the title and catch copy.
first, paint the title and catch copy white and add new one.
Also I cut off the description under the original poster.
that’s all!!

Wiggle Stereoscopy

20 Feb

Introduction says, “Take two photos of the same subject from slightly different angles. Merge the two photos into a single looped, animated gif to create a wiggle stereoscopic image that simulates 3-D. A very good tutorial explaining the full process can be found on Martin Sutherland’s website.“.

this is the calligraphy ink, and I am using this as a paint when I draw something.

I took this picture from Camera3D which is the Android Free software, I do not know this is available for iPhone.