19 Mar

I have chosen “Sometimes progress is exponential” because actually the internet is really improving. when I was a child I did not think I could use the internet out side, like iPhone and smartphone. Also, after I read next 4 paragraph, I realized that those progress needs for education as author says. It is necessary because as long as technology (or any other stuffs) is useful for education, there is no reason why people do not use. However, in this case, I think if the internet so improved rapidly more than before, some people who are not familiar with the internet so much could not follow those improvement. This is what I thought when I see the quote which I have chosen.


One Response to “DFPQ1”

  1. lockmantuj March 22, 2012 at 8:59 am #

    I think your analysis says something important about the idea of progress being exponential. I think it is also important to realize, as I think Campbell is suggesting, that if we only look at progress in terms of technology becoming faster and more powerful we risk missing an important part of the story.

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