Vice online

16 Mar

I would like to write about Vice online as a extra investigation.

I am going to focus on the Internet bullying and addiction, and my experience.
This is the article which directly connected with both bullying and addiction.

According to the article, in Japan, 96% of high school students have a cellphone and 10% of students has been bullied on the Internet.
and I think, when we look at the number of a people who have own cellphone, we can easily guess why so many people addicted. when I was a child, if I missed one TV show which is popular for my friends or classmates, I could not join into a chatting next day. That was not bullying (I hope), but we can say same things in this topic. If you don’t have a cellphone or Internet, you feel alienated.

And In Japan, students make their own secret SNS site(It is not such a professional one) and they communicate each other in there and bullying happens.
when I was a high school student, my classmate has a same type of SNS. fortunately, I have not been bullied and I think on one has been bullied in there, they just had a chatting.
They post on that SNS when they had a something new. However, It had a possibility to be the place for attacking someone.

And, This is really awful because some people do not know those kind of SNS, so if they would be bullied, they would not know what’s going on, they would not even realize that they were bullied on the internet.
Internet bullying happens everywhere around the web site.

And one more thing, addiction.

This is good to know what is the Internet addiction.

one interesting story of internet addiction is, my friend has been using twitter for a long time, and we are following each other. one day, he tweeted ‘according to the diagnosis, I have a internet addiction.’
so, I said
‘did you go tho the hospital and you checked?’
and he said
‘No, I checked on the internet’

there is a check list about does he/she has a Internet addiction or not on the internet and people can check how much they are addicted by the internet ‘on the internet’.

Internet is useful, you can do anything you want. Shopping, chatting, gaming and bullying.
I think it is time to think about how to use the internet without addiction and bullying.


4 Responses to “Vice online”

  1. Paul March 16, 2012 at 3:45 am #

    I definitely think there’s a chance I’m addicted to the internet lol

    But then again, I want to be a professional blogger and web programmer so there’s a reason I’m always connected 🙂

  2. lockmantuj March 17, 2012 at 3:29 pm #

    I really appreciate that you’ve shared your personal experiences and those of people you know. It always makes writing more meaningful and interesting to a reader when such personal info is added.

    I would encourage you to check your paragraph formatting. I don’t know why you have so many lines end with so few words. Maybe you are pressing the return key too soon.

    I’m not sure if your list of all the things people can do online is complete. You mentioned “Shopping, chatting, gaming and bullying” after you said you can do anything you want. I’d like to think that there is other stuff too.

  3. layzlay March 18, 2012 at 3:31 pm #

    Nice post, you inspired me to blog about this topic as well, very interesting!


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