CopyRight and Wrong

14 Mar

March 14, I have done with short presentation about CopyRight and the Internet.
I made a power point based on This web page.

The important points of my presentation are what is copyright and how it is violated.

one thing I wondered is the first copyright law showed up in 1790, according to this web page. It has a long long history more than I think.

those are the most recent cases of violation of copyright.

1. MegaUpload which is one of the most famous file sharing site has been banned by FBI because users could easily download illegal files like MP4, MP3 and P2P which do not have permission to be uploaded.

2.Yahoo sued Facebook. details are on this journal.

And I asked one question during the presentation.
“Do you think YouTube will be banned same as MegaUpload?”
everyone says “No”.
because YouTube is kind of huge service, and it is difficult to find out every single illegal files.

thank you very much for paying attention during the presentation!!


One Response to “CopyRight and Wrong”

  1. lockmantuj March 17, 2012 at 3:38 pm #

    I thought you might try to briefly explain what copyright is and how it is violated in this blog post.

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