Think about new Google privacy and policy

12 Mar

From March 1, Google has been staring a new privacy and policy.
This is a bit complicating for me to understand every single theory of new privacy and policy.
I guess all people who have gmail account have received e-mail from Google service before a new Google privacy and policy have been starting, but don’t you guys think it was a bit complicating?

Let’s check it out this page.

It says that google has been correcting our name, phone number, credit card number etc…
According to Google, they are using those information to make their services better. For example, by correcting the record of searching, they can advertise what customers whats to know or interested in.
on the other hand, by correcting a personal information, there is a possibility to be stolen our information by hacking.

And the question is, Do I have to tell them my credit card number? why it is necessary?
what about the searching record? this is one of the personal information, but google says they will correct it.
I hope my personal information will not be hacked.


One Response to “Think about new Google privacy and policy”

  1. lockmantuj March 17, 2012 at 3:41 pm #

    Might want to proof read. I dont’ think Google is correcting the things you say it is correcting. The things like name, phone number and credit card number would have to be wrong (incorrect) first before they could correct them.

    And how does google know that they are wrong and need to be corrected. I think first they would have to collect the information.

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