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DS106, The Movie

21 Feb

Instruction:”Take a movie poster and change it to depict a movie about DS106. It’s sort of like the DS106 propaganda poster, but this time, it’s DS106, the movie!!”

I chose Rocky’s poster.↓

I used GIMP2 to change the title and catch copy.
first, paint the title and catch copy white and add new one.
Also I cut off the description under the original poster.
that’s all!!


Wiggle Stereoscopy

20 Feb

Introduction says, “Take two photos of the same subject from slightly different angles. Merge the two photos into a single looped, animated gif to create a wiggle stereoscopic image that simulates 3-D. A very good tutorial explaining the full process can be found on Martin Sutherland’s website.“.

this is the calligraphy ink, and I am using this as a paint when I draw something.

I took this picture from Camera3D which is the Android Free software, I do not know this is available for iPhone.

DS106: IllustrateDS106

19 Feb

Let’s celebrate our 106ness- create a graphic, find a a photo, manipulate an exiting image to somehow represent the number 106. It could be literal (like a sign that has 106 on it, example below), to say, something using CVI (roman digits), maybe something with 106 items in it….

I putted Nintendo ‘DS’ and 106yen!
This is ‘DS106’ 🙂
I did not use GIMP in this section.

I re-made this picture by GIMP2
first, I changed color balance

next, I changed contrast +12

And I put the ‘DS106’, that’s all!


18 Feb

For the presentation of Grope6, I am going to analysis about the info-graph which I posted at the top of this page. I have chosen YouTube, hi5 and Facebook. Let me explain fundamental information about 3 sites.

–YouTube- 50%
I think I don’t have to explain about YouTube, anyway YouTube is video sharing site. Amount of videos can be seen. A lot of companies have been using YouTube account as advertisement. even though people do not have account, they can see videos. But people can leave comments from accounts and that’s why YouTube is considered as a SNS.

-hi5- 54% female users
hi5 is serving social games. Characteristic of hi5 is users make their own avatar instead of using pictures. But, people can share pictures and state as same as other SNS sites. more than 200 games can be used.

-Facebook- 57% female users
Facebook is one of the most famous SNS around the world. Facebook has recommended users to use real name when they make an account because people can find their friends easily. And now, more than 5 million users have been using Facebook services. In Facebook, users are sharing photos, state and videos. Also, Facebook serves as a model of the Japanese SNS like mixi.

As this info-graph shows, 57% females have been using Facebook, 54% female users have been using hi5 (YouTube is 50%) and this is one of the interesting results of this overall info-graph research. Why so many SNS mainly have followed by females? They have so many users around the world, but why the number of users have not been balanced and why so many female support SNS? I don’t know the exact answer, but One possibility is ‘Sharing’. As we learned Web 2.0, no longer the Internet is not only for searching information but also sharing the information, pictures and videos. By using SNS, users can release their own state without any high level techniques like HTML or C language. Now, SNS is closing to you.

My English writing is not good, but Thank you very much for reading!! 🙂


15 Feb


Today’s instruction

“Take a photography of a toy in action”

I don’t know I can say a video game is “Toy” but this is the only one I have.


14 Feb



“Take a photo of a food being served or eaten in an unconventional way”

big cocktail.
My friends gave me this cocktail as a birthday present.


13 Feb


“Got tats? Photograph your own or someone else’s cool tattoo.”
I do not have tattoo, so I just painted on my fingers.