Extra works2 new assignment

9 Apr

I made a new assignment as my extra credit works.
Introduction is here.

first, I have to apologize about the size of picture.
I think you can not see the instruction. Please drag it when you want to see the introduction.If anyone knows how to fix it, let me know.

Just in case, I typed “take 2 pictures from same angle, but make it little bit different.
And compare those 2 pictures and let’s find the error!
I took pictures of calligraphy ink as an example, and the place of No,30 and 31 is different.

so I made

I took 2 pictures on my phone and add ‘A’ and ‘B’ at Gimp2.


Internet Bullying-Interview (Extra works 1)

9 Apr

I am really interested in why Internet bullying happens and is there any differences between America and Japan, so I did short interview to 5 students from America and 5 students from Japan (thank you very much for helping me!) as my extra credit activity. I am going to show the result of interview, and it has a both same points and different points between USA and Japan.

at first, I asked “Have you ever heard some serious cases about Internet Bullying?
America: Yes/4 No/1
Japan: Yes/4 No/1

America:4 said Yes. one student told me about this news. One gay teen was bullied, his video was uploaded on the internet. The other students told me about different cases, but in all cases, victims commit suicide.
Japan:4 students said Yes. All Japanese students told me about their own experience (ex: My friend was bullied from classmates) and in some cases, people who were bullied on the internet finally stop coming to school.

No,2 “Why do you think Internet Bullying happens?
3 American students and 5 Japanese students said, Internet is anonymous, so people do not have to show their face and their personal information and that’s why it happens. Facebook is popular in America and this is not anonymous, but people can make fake accounts. One American student said people who attack someone know how internet has a big impact and the other said some people want to show self-assertion.
This result shows that anonymous is one of the big problem. The number of Internet bullying would be decreased if the Internet (SNS and board) is not anonymous.

No,3 “In order to solve Internet bullying, what should parents and teachers do?
All 10 students said they should know what is going on outside of monitoring and they should do monitoring more and teach as long as people mention something, it has a responsibility even thought the internet is anonymous. one student from America said that teachers and parents afraid to get into cases because they do not know about the internet well, so they do not know how to solve those issues.

No,4 “In Japan, students make private SNS sites and they communicate on there. Do American students make SNS?“(I have not asked this question to Japanese students.)
2 people said Yes and 3 people said No. Because In America, according to the result of interview, Facebook is really popular, and people make fake accounts in there and they attack someone. Thus, they do not have to make new SNS because they can easily find targets out from Facebook.

No,5 “Do you think having a own computer and phone is bad things for children?
only 2 American students and 1 Japanese student say as long as parents or teachers teach how to use it, it is OK, but the others said lower than high school students should not have their own computer because it is not necessary. However, everyone said phone is necessary, so they can have a phone.

After I have finished all interview, I realized that the way of internet bullying are bit different between America and Japan, but the way of thinking about how to solve the problem is similar. Anonymous is one of the big problem. If your real ID shows up when you write something on the internet, you would be careful more than now, because you have more responsibility than when you write something on the internet anonymously. There is no such a big risk as long as internet is anonymous.

Also, I found out one interesting article.
This article mentions about Internet bullying’s differences between America and Japan. It says that “While in the United States, traditional bullying is physical, Aoyama said that she never saw a physical fight in her school growing up” (Para13). Also, in America, physical bullying by ‘male’ is popular and traditional cases, but in Japan, cyber bullying by ‘female’ is becoming popular cases. This shows that by using internet, people can easily attack someone without physical power and that is one of the reason why internet bullying became big problem because everyone can attack without risk and strength.

During the interview, when I asked Q3, one student from America said, “why don’t they(people who have been bullied) simply ignore about it?” And I think this could be one of the good way to avoid internet bullying. As I mentioned, internet bullying is not physical. It means, they do not punch you, they do not kick you. As long as you do not check SNS and e-mail from them, you don’t have to care about it. However, if bullying is simply gossips or speak ill of someone, we can just ignore, but if your real life are influenced by internet bullying, what is going to happen? If those ‘psychological’ bullying turn in to ‘physical’ bullying, how children protect themselves. Eventually, children need teachers and parents help.
Therefore, adult people should know about internet bullying well more than children.

That’s all my research about Internet bullying, thank you for taking a time and reading.

Is Social Networking A Different Language?

6 Apr

I have chosen This writing assignment.

Instruction:”Some professionals believe the language we use on social networking sights is different from everyday language. They say this because of the words like g2g, ttul that we use on a consistent basis over text messaging, aim, and Facebook messenger. Write a short paper on this topic. Be sure to include some of the saying we use, which one’s you understand and don’t understand, and most of all discuss if social networking language is in fact different from our every day language.

At first instruction says, “g2g” but I don’t understand what g2g means, so I checked on the internet.
and I found out this page.
You can know a lot of internet slang words in there.(and eventually I understood g2g means gotta go.)

Actually I use internet slang a lot.for example I know,
w/= with.
lol=Laughing Out Loud.
BTW= by the way.
asap= as soon as possible.
cuz=because like that.
(by the way, when I saw lol first time, I thought two ‘l’s are hands and ‘o’ is head and I misunderstood that lol means hands up).

Those are very comfortable because some of SNS have a word limit like twitter. In twitter, you can type only 140 words, so if you write long sentences, you need slang in order to make it shorter than usual. Also, I use those slang when I take a note. when I have to take a memo from lecture and professor dose not write anything on the blackboard, I use slang because I can not write everything as fast as professor’s speech. So, we can make good use of slang in your own life. And I don’t think this is not different from the language which is used in our real life. 2=to 4=for u=you r=are, are based on pronunciation. When we look at the word form, that’s totally different, but as long as those are based on primary word’s form or pronunciation, we can not say those are different.

However, It has a big problem. Spelling. I make a tons of misspelling, look at my previous sentences, probably you can find so many mistakes out from my articles. slang is not the only reason why I (people) make a misspelling, but it could be one reason and that might be a big problem for the future. SNS are really popular now, and children use SNS and they use slang. Children will have a misspelling more than people who do not use internet slang.

TWIT, thx 4 reading my post 🙂
Like that?

ds106 Mashup

6 Apr

I have chosen This assignment.
Instruction says that: “Take any 2 (or more) creations from any category of assignment that another student has posted and mash them up into something new an original. Hopefully most of what we’re creating here is CC-licensed for remixing but check first before spending hours on your masterpiece.

So, I chose this picture

from this page by kkm32.

and this picture

from this page by Ingenuous Dynamics.

finally I made it.

Reason why I made this picture is I think this shows one of the future of the internet. Now, you can download pictures, books, music, movies and so on. you don’t have to go book store, CD shop, movie theater. You can get every information on your computer, you don’t even have to go outside. Your life will be comfortable more than now. However, sometimes its illegal. And if everyone will download everything (illegally), publisher could not get money and they will go out of business and culture die off.

Therefore, when I made this picture, I thought the future of the internet and I would like you guys to think about it.

A Personal Cyberinfrastructure

3 Apr

I have read this article.

I agree with Gardner Campbell’s opinion. In my opinion, most of education which collage students learn is based on past experiences, books and issues. I don’t say this is not beneficial. Students learn how to calculate, speak and write from education. However, students have to do new challenging activity. They have to do not only learning but also showing something new. As same as students have to write their opinion based on books in writing classes, they constantly have to show their ideas not based on past ideas. To do so, Internet and computers can be good opportunities. As we are doing DS106 assignments, students can make something creative. Also, students can learn systems of the internet and computer.

On the other hand, even thought Internet, software and computer are necessary for the future, it is very difficult to know how to use those for some people. It means, some people who can use those technology well can put their ideas and create better things than people who are not familiar with those technology very well. Also, some teacher might not know or familiar with those technology. Thus, as long as the internet will be fundamental tool for education, people have to think about ‘steps’. Classes should be stared from very first step of how to use computer because as long as all students (include teachers) should be same position in order to show their ideas on computer’s activities.

Anyways, computer and internet will be more useful and personal tools more than now, so students have to familiar with those and that’s why learning on the computer is fundamental for the future.


19 Mar

I have chosen “Sometimes progress is exponential” because actually the internet is really improving. when I was a child I did not think I could use the internet out side, like iPhone and smartphone. Also, after I read next 4 paragraph, I realized that those progress needs for education as author says. It is necessary because as long as technology (or any other stuffs) is useful for education, there is no reason why people do not use. However, in this case, I think if the internet so improved rapidly more than before, some people who are not familiar with the internet so much could not follow those improvement. This is what I thought when I see the quote which I have chosen.

Vice online

16 Mar

I would like to write about Vice online as a extra investigation.

I am going to focus on the Internet bullying and addiction, and my experience.
This is the article which directly connected with both bullying and addiction.

According to the article, in Japan, 96% of high school students have a cellphone and 10% of students has been bullied on the Internet.
and I think, when we look at the number of a people who have own cellphone, we can easily guess why so many people addicted. when I was a child, if I missed one TV show which is popular for my friends or classmates, I could not join into a chatting next day. That was not bullying (I hope), but we can say same things in this topic. If you don’t have a cellphone or Internet, you feel alienated.

And In Japan, students make their own secret SNS site(It is not such a professional one) and they communicate each other in there and bullying happens.
when I was a high school student, my classmate has a same type of SNS. fortunately, I have not been bullied and I think on one has been bullied in there, they just had a chatting.
They post on that SNS when they had a something new. However, It had a possibility to be the place for attacking someone.

And, This is really awful because some people do not know those kind of SNS, so if they would be bullied, they would not know what’s going on, they would not even realize that they were bullied on the internet.
Internet bullying happens everywhere around the web site.

And one more thing, addiction.

This is good to know what is the Internet addiction.

one interesting story of internet addiction is, my friend has been using twitter for a long time, and we are following each other. one day, he tweeted ‘according to the diagnosis, I have a internet addiction.’
so, I said
‘did you go tho the hospital and you checked?’
and he said
‘No, I checked on the internet’

there is a check list about does he/she has a Internet addiction or not on the internet and people can check how much they are addicted by the internet ‘on the internet’.

Internet is useful, you can do anything you want. Shopping, chatting, gaming and bullying.
I think it is time to think about how to use the internet without addiction and bullying.